Since 2009 the PATA Workshops have become the premier international exchange of new paleoseismic and archeoseismic methods and results. We are proud to welcome the 7th PATA Days Workshop to the USA and Crestone (download 2nd circular here ). The Workshop invites presentations on:

  • active tectonics/ neotectonics
  • tectonic geomorphology
  • surface faulting
  • paleoseismology
  • archaeoseismology
  • earthquake-induced landslides
  • liquefaction
  • Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment
  • Probabilistic Fault Hazard Displacement Analysis
  • Quaternary geochronology
  • Shallow geophysics for seismic hazard assessment
  • remote sensing of earthquake deformation (LiDAR, InSAR)

The PATA Days are the main event of the INQUA Focus Group "Earthquake Geology and Seismic Hazards" (IFG EGSHaz).

PATA Days will be held in an area where paleoseismology developed in Colorado in the late 1970s, the 1000 km-long Rio Grande Rift Zone. Crestone, Colorado (latitude 38°N) lies in the northern Rio Grande rift with a valley floor elevation of 2400 m and rift-flank uplifts that rise to 4300 m.

Deadline for submission of short (<300-word) abstracts has been extended to Feb. 29, 2016

Conference Venue

Most Conference activities will be held on the Baca Campus of Colorado College, located 1.5 km south of Crestone ( Technical Sessions will be in the 100-seat Seminar Building. Poster Sessions will be in the adjoining Computer Laboratory. Most meals will be served in the Desert Sage, a 100-seat restaurant located 50 m from the Seminar Building. Lodging will be in the Lodge at Baca Campus (24 beds) and in the Baca Townhouses adjacent to the Desert Sage (50 beds). Additional lodging is located in the many local bed & breakfast inns located in the Baca Grande development.

See some videos about the Baca Campus on YouTube here and here.

Town of Crestone

Crestone has been at various times a booming mining town, a ranch supply town, and a Western ghost town. From the 1930s it was the gateway for hikers and mountaineers to the most rugged and difficult of Colorado’s “Fourteeners” (peaks higher than 14,000 ft, or 4270 m). But starting in the early 1980s, the Town and adjacent Baca Grande development have become famous for their 22 spiritual centers of world religions and New Age lifestyles.

Click here for a video feature about the town of Crestone on YouTube.

The Program

    • Morning
    • Afternoon
    • Evening
    • 29MaySunday
    • PATA Days attendees arrive at Denver International Airport throughout the day, move to Best Western Plus Airport Hotel or other.
    • Registration, 6 pm, Best Western Plus Airport Hotel; Icebreaker, 7 pm, Sporting News Grill, across street (SW) from Best Western.
    • 30MayMonday
    • Pre-Meeting Field Trip
      Travel by bus from Best Western Airport Hotel to Crestone; running commentary on geology of Front Range, South Park, Rio Grande Rift.
    • lunch and check-in in Crestone;
      Opening Ceremony;
      Technical Session #1: Keynote Lectures,
      poster sessions
    • Group dinner at Desert Sage Restaurant
    • 31MayTuesday
    • Technical Session #2
    • Technical Session #3
    • Special Group Dinner in Crestone
    • 1JuneWednesday
    • Technical Session #4
    • Intra-Meeting Field Trip to Sangre de Cristo fault zone.
    • Western cookout at the McAlpine Ranch
    • 2JuneThursday
    • Technical Session #5
    • Student Training session in field techniques
      INQUA Business Meeting
    • Dinner and Entertainment, Crestone Tribal Dance
    • 3JuneFriday
    • Check out 8 am; all-day Post-meeting Field Trip to Denver; Upper Arkansas Valley of the RG Rift; Sawatch Fault Zone; Faults, Glaciers, and Jokulhaups.
    • Trip ends at Leadville, bus continues to Denver.
    • Closing ceremony at Best Western Plus Airport Hotel.
    • 4JuneSaturday
    • Registrants can depart via Denver International Airport or travel around the USA

Deadlines & Costs


Abstracts Due: February 29, 2016

Pre-registration: March 30, 2016

Four-page extended abstracts: March 30, 2016

See the full abstract submisson details here


(all costs in US dollars)

Conference Registration (includes all meals, Registration materials, and Intra-Meeting Field Trip), $ 375

Lodging in Crestone, US$65/night for 4 nights (May 30, 31, June 1, 2) [Registrants arrange their own lodging on nights of May 29 and June 3]

PATA Road Trip (all-inclusive), $1100

Pre-Meeting Field Trip, $45

Post-Meeting Field Trip, $45

Travel Grants

We have limited funds available to support the participation of Early Career Researchers (ECRs) and Researchers from Developing Countries (DCRs).

Get more information here

Field Trips

In addition to the Technical Sessions and Poster Sessions, there will be 4 Field Trips:

  1. The PATA Road Trip (6 days, May 24-29 in Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming)
  2. The Pre-Meeting Field Trip (morning of May 30; being the transport from Denver to Crestone)
  3. The Intra-Meeting Field Trip (afternoon of June 1; stops near Crestone)
  4. The Post-Meeting Field trip (all day June 3; being transport from Crestone to Denver)

The PATA Road Trip is a 6-day field trip to view the (historic and prehistoric) Faults of the Wild West. It starts in Salt Lake City the morning of May 24 and ends in Denver ~6 pm on May 29. It will be followed at 7 pm with the Registration and Icebreaker at the Best Western Plus Airport Hotel, for those PATA attendees arriving at the Denver International Airport. Learn more

The PreMeeting Field Trip will be the drive from Denver to Crestone on 30 May. Because we want to arrive in Crestone as soon as possible, there will be few road stops on this trip, but much en-route commentary by trip leaders. Learn more

The IntraMeeting Field Trip on the afternoon of 01 June will visit fault scarps within 10 km of Crestone. Emphasis will be on the interpretation of the tectonic geomorphology of the scarps (multiple-event scarps, bevels, tectonic terraces). The area is covered by 1-m LiDAR, which will be distributed on USB drives. Learn more

The PostMeeting Field Trip on 03 June will view neotectonic and climatic landforms of the Upper Arkansas graben, on the way back to the Denver airport. This is the highest part of the Rift, with valley-floor elevations reaching 3000 m at Leadville. Pleistocene valley glaciers blocked the axial drainage of the rift, creating ice-dammed lakes. These lakes formed and failed at least 3 times in the Pleistocene, releasing jokulhaups and transporting enormous boulders. Learn more


Registration for the Workshop and Field Trips has been divided into the following components:

  1. PATA Days Workshop (includes registration materials and conference souvenirs; technical sessions; 12 meals; and Intra-Meeting Field Trip transport and materials), $375
  2. lodging in Crestone during the Workshop (4 nights, May 30-31, June 1-2), $260
  3. Pre-Meeeting Field Trip (May 30; also provides transport from Denver to Crestone), $45
  4. Post-Meeting Field Trip (June 3; also provides transport from Crestone to Denver), $45

Payment will be made on the website, following this link.

We arranged this so we could accept credit card payments.

NOTE: The Workshop will be preceded by the limited-attendance PATA Road Trip entitled “Faults of the Wild West.” This is a 6-day (May 24-29, 2016), 2000-km van tour of famous faults of Utah-Idaho-Montana-Wyoming, plus cultural stops featuring the Wild West. The Road Trip begins in Salt Lake City, UT and ends in Denver, CO in time for the Icebreaker for PATA Days. To register and pay the all-inclusive fee, go to:

Lodging and Transport Options

Price component #2 above represents lodging (double-occupancy unless otherwise indicated) in Crestone for the 4 nights of the PATA Days Workshop (May 30-June 2). However, it does NOT include lodging the night before the Workshop (May 29) or the night after the Workshop (June 3). If you attend the Pre-Meeting and Post-Meeting Field Trips, you will need to be in Denver these two nights, so we suggest that you stay at the Best Western Plus Airport Hotel (7020 Tower Road, Denver, CO 80249; phone 303-373-1600). This hotel is located only 10 km west of the airport terminal, much closer than the hotels in downtown Denver (40 km). It has a free shuttle bus to/from the airport. We have reserved a block of rooms at the Best Western at double-occupancy rates, under the group code "PATA". The Sporting News Grill at the nearby Holiday Inn is the site of the Icebreaker Party at 7 pm on May 29. The bus for the Pre-Meeting Field Trip departs the Best Western at 8 am on Monday, May 30 for Crestone, and returns to the Best Western at the conclusion of the Post-Meeting Field Trip ~6-7 pm on Friday, June 3.

In case the Best Western becomes full, there are ~10 other hotels adjacent to it in the Tower Road “cluster” of hotels where you can book a room.

However, if you want a more flexible schedule, you can arrange your own lodging in Crestone, or your transport from Denver to Crestone and return (such as a rental car). For lodging, you could arrange your own lodging with various Bed & Breakfast Inns in Crestone or the Baca Grande subdivision (there are many, because they accommodate spiritual retreatants throughout the year). In that case you would not pay for lodging on the Eventbrite website.

Likewise, some persons may prefer alternative transport to Crestone (rather than the Pre- and Post-Meeting Field Trips) for travel on their own independent schedules. This might be appropriate for: (1) people living in Colorado or the USA who have been to the field trip areas before, and/or who will be driving their own cars directly to Crestone; (2) people flying into DEN but not on May 29, who will rent their own car for pre- or post-meeting adventures, or (3) people who are not flying into Denver International Airport, but flying into another closer airport such as COS or ALS. In this case, you would not check the “Field Trip” tabs on the web page. If you have a rental car and want to follow behind the bus on the Pre- or Post-Meeting Field Trip, let us know by email.

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