PATA Days 2014 - 5th International INQUA Meeting on Paleoseismology, Active Tectonics and Archeoseismology / 21 - 27 September 2014 Busan, Korea


The 5th International INQUA Meeting will be held in Busan, South Korea (21-27th Sep. 2014). This Paleoseismology, Active Tectonics and Archeoseismology (PATA-days) meeting has been expanding, with fruitful and intense discussion to increase our knowledge of past earthquakes. The last four meetings in Spain (2009), Greece (2011), Mexico (2012), and Germany (2013) brought together more than 350 international scientists from earthquake geology and all neighbouring disciplines. A large number of peer reviewed articles has been published in Special Volumes as an outcome of these conferences. This meeting will include a 2-day workshop with keynote lectures, talks and posters, as well as a 3-day field trip to Quaternary terraces, NPP sites, Active faults and Archeological sites (in the old capital city of Gyeongju) around SE Korea. Busan is Korea’s second biggest city and one of its most visited tourist sites. We invite all of you to Busan, to enjoy Korean life, food, and culture, as well as its geology. Grants for graduate students and young scientists will be available. The Outstanding Presentations will be awarded to promote and reward students and young scientists for quality research. Please come and enjoy one of the most dynamic Asian countries!

Sessions & Program


  • Earthquake Geology
  • Paleoseismology
  • Archeoseismology
  • Secondary Effects of Earthquakes
  • Remote Sensing & Geomorphology
  • Seismic Hazard Assessment for Critical Facilities
  • Asian Active Tectonics


21 September (Sun)

Arrival in Busan, Icebreaker party

22 September (Mon)

Pre-meeting field trip to Eastern coastal area – Quaternary marine terraces & NPP sites

23 September (Tue)

Opening ceremony, Scientific talks & posters, Welcome dinner

24 September (Wen)

Scientific talks & posters, Project meeting, Main reception

Busan > Gyeongju
25 September (Thu)

Post-meeting field trip (I) – Active faults around SE Korea

26 September (Fri)

Post-meeting field trip (II) – Archaeoseismology in Gyeongju (old capital city), Closing Ceremony

Gyeongju > Busan
27 September (Sat)


People & Supporters

Organizing Committee

A. Michetti (ITA), P.G. Silva (ESP), K. Reicherter (GER), L. Guerrieri (ITA), K. Okumura (JPN), A. Soehaimi (IND), D. Cheong (KOR), W.-S. Kee (KOR), Y.-S. Kim (KOR), C. Grutzner (GER)

Scientific Committee

J. McCalpin (USA), S. Marco (ISR), T. Rockwell (USA), P.G. Silva (ESP), K. Reicherter (GER), M. Sintubin (BEL), Y.-S. Kim (KOR)

Keynote Speaker

J. McCalpin (USA), J. Suppe (TWN), S. Marco (ISR), J.R. Arrowsmith (USA), R. Tatevossian (RUS), H.-K. Lee (KOR)

This event is supported by

  • INQUA Focus Group on Paleoseismology and Active Tectonics
  • INQUA Project 1229 “EEE METRICS”
  • Geological Society of Korea
  • Korean Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources
  • Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies
  • Korea Tourism Organization
  • Busan Tourism Organization
  • BK21 PULS, School of Coastal Earth Environment, Busan National University (Korea)
  • BK21 PLUS, Institute of Earth Atmosphere Astronomy, Yonsei University (Korea)
  • Pukyong National University (Korea)
  • Nuclear Energy Subcommittee of Geological Society of Korea

Costs & Deadlines


Regular participant Student participant Family participant
21th Arrival Please make an application during registration 50,000 WON 30,000 WON 10,000 WON
22th Pre-Meeting Field-tripincluding all meals & overnight accommodation! 60,000 WON 40,000 WON 20,000 WON
23-24th Conference including all meals with two main dinners & two nights’ accommodation! 300,000 WON 250,000 WON 50,000 WON
25th Post-Meeting Field-trip (I) including all meals & overnight accommodation! 80,000 WON 60,000 WON 30,000 WON
26th Post-Meeting Field-trip (II) including all meals & overnight accommodation! 80,000 WON 60,000 WON 30,000 WON

For this meeting, your family can register as “Family participant”. For these members, we will prepare a Busan City Tour program during the conference (23-24th). Also, they can join on all field trips. Note that two main dinners during conference and other meals during all field-trips will be provided. For the accommodations, they can use double (or twin) rooms with their family or companion. There is a discount for a child family member; 70% for 13-18, 50% for 7-12 years of age, and free for all children under 7 years old. Families with three or more members can use a double room with extra beds or a family room.

*All family members should send an email to Jin-Hyuck ( with personal information in detail, for example companion’s name and age (for a child member).


Regular member: a single room
Student member: a twin room for two members or a family room for more than three members

* WIFI will be available at the conference hall as well as hotels.


All meals will be provided by our meeting, and the all costs are included in the Conference and Field trip fees. Also, the Conference fee includes welcoming dinner on the 23th and main reception on the 24th.

*During registration, please just choose either a vegetarian dish or not.


Online Registration: 20 June, 2014
Payment and Abstract Submission: 30 June, 2014 (Please send your abstract to:

*Abstract will be accepted after peer review.
*Download the abstracts template here (700 kb, doc)

For student travel grants, deadline of application is 20 June, 2014. Please send your applications to Jin-Hyuck Choi ( Students should send their CV, publication list, letter of motivation, and a copy of student identity card.


How to come to Busan

1. Gimhae (Busan) Airport

Daily flights from/to most East Asian destinations.

2. Incheon (Seoul) Airport

Daily flights from/to many international airports including American and European destinations.

2.1. International airlines
Incheon Airport → Gimhae (Busan) Airport: 1h travel time
*Only available to passengers who transfer from international flights.

2.2. Domestic airlines
Incheon Airport → (nonstop train or bus) Gimpo Airport: 30m travel time & 8,000 won
Gimpo Airport → Gimhae (Busan) Airport: 1h travel time & 70,000 won

2.3. High-speed train (KTX)
Incheon Airport → (nonstop train or bus) Seoul Station: 40m travel time & 8,000 won
Seoul Station → Busan Station: 2h 40m travel time & 53,000 won

* Non-stop KTX  from Airport to Busan Station will be started on July, 2014.

2.4. Nonstop bus (Airport-limousine)
Incheon Airport → Busan Bus Terminal: 5h travel time & 45,000 won

How to come to PKNU (final destination)

1. Nonstop bus (Airport-limousine)

From Gimhae (Busan) Airport: 30m travel time & 7,000 won
*Alight at Namcheon-dong bus stop, which is located within walking distance to PKNU.

2. Intra-city bus (No. 27)

From Busan Station: 30m travel time & 1,500 won
* Alight at Pukyong National University (Daeyeon) bus stop.

3. Subway

3.1. From Gimhae (Busan) Airport: 1h travel time & 3,000 won
* Transfer to Line No.2 at Sasang station, and then alight at Kyungsung & Pukyong University station.
3.2. Form Busan Station (40m) or Busan Bus Terminal (1h): 1,500 won
* Transfer to Line No.2 at Seomyeon station, and then alight at Kyungsung & Pukyong University station.

4. Taxi

4.1 From Gimhae (Busan) Airport or  Busan Bus Terminal: 30m travel time & 15,000 won
4.2 From Busan Station: 20m travel time & 10,000 won
* Have in mind that the black taxies are more expensive and that the traffic is bad during rush hour.

Conference Locations


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